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Process of Creating Songbooks

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First and foremost, I have actually learnt the new things from my group members and also from the project itself in the whole process of creating a song book for three year old children. The creation of the songbook requires a lot of artworks. For three year old children, pictures and colours are very important for them to absorb the new knowledge. Therefore, we have to be creative and come out with a song book which can attract three years old children.

Before my group members and I started to create the song book, three of us were gathering together and discussing which song we were going to choose. At the end of discussion, we decided to choose "Three Little Kittens" for our song book. Because of the time limitation, two of my group members and I straight away went to bookstore for finding our materials after our discussion.

After we settled the materials for doing the decoration on song book, we started to work on it immediately. At first, we were facing some obstacles and it slows down our pace to continue our work. In our group, one of my group members and I are not very good in doing artworks. Although both of us are not very good in drawing and colouring but another group member will always guide us and give us the idea how to make it in a better way.

Because of the teamwork and the cooperation, the flow of doing the song book become more and more fluently. We divided the work and work on different parts so that we can move on smoothly. However, we were staying up late till the next morning for doing the song book. Although we were tired and sleepy, however we felt satisfaction after seeing our outcomes. In overall, I really appreciate the hard work done by our group.


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