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One Person Can't Change the World

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One person can't change The World, but they can make a drastic impact. They can't change the world alone because many people believe in different things and are afraid to speak out against the things that they think are wrong. In The Book Thief, Liesel Meminger impacted the world with her willingness to love and accept an individual besides the fact that they were of different religious view."But you'll come and wake me if he wakes up, wont you?' The above quote embraces the yearning young Liesel receives as she waits to see if her Jewish friend, Max, will wake.

II. They are obligated to think of their responsibilities for their children because their children will need someone there for them and to help them carry on their duties.

III. People are being brainwashed today by listening to others and not thinking for themselves! Listening to what others say and believing that it is true, there not questioning or second-guessing the information that they receive. They have become compliant and passive rather than questionable and ambitious. A key example of this is when Markus Zusak writes "He planted them day and night, and cultivated them. He watched them grow, until eventually, great forests of words had risen throughout Germany…it was a nation of formed thoughts."

IV. They are willing to risk their lives for someone else's because they realize that what is happening is wrong and in the depths of their hearts they are humane and caring. Caring enough to stand up for what is right, whether it brings harm upon their life or not. To die helping someone, is better than to die destroying someone's life and watching them suffer. "Liesel couldn't help herself. There was the trace of a grin on her face as she and Rudy Steiner, her best friend, handed out pieces of bread on the road." These two young children knew that what they were doing could get them in HUGE trouble, but they did it because it was right and they felt like they had a purpose.

V. No there's not always a clear line between right and wrong because what may be right to you, could be wrong to another individual. Different point of views can make it difficult for someone to decide if they should chose what is right to them but ‘wrong' to society or right to society and ‘wrong' to them. A prime example of this analogy is "…as Hans Hubermann held his hand out and presented a piece of bread, like magic." Hans presented a Jew with a piece of bread and helped him, an undeniably for biddable task in Nazi Germany back then. Hans was forced with the decision if he should choose is right or societies wrong. It's not always crystal clear when the decision is forced upon you in a short moment.

VI. Humans have the will to survive from within. They gain the will from a purpose, mainly a purpose to show the persecutor that


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