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Nothing Day

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Consumerism is now viewed as an overpowering force in all developed cultures. For thousands of years people have tried to find ways to control this seemingly wild-fire like habit. Everything we do in today's society is affected by consumerism, even simple tasks like watching T.V. or reading magazines have advertisements wanting people to buy more. Canada has tried to organize an annual Buy-Nothing day- a day in which people are encouraged to buy no goods. This buy-nothing day will not work because consumerism is to imbedded in today's society with the help of technology, politics, and our new view of holidays.

With technology implanting itself on our everyday life, it has helped create this consumerism problem. Smart-phones, and computers have made buying products easier than ever. You can practically spend five minutes of your day with never leaving your house and purchase any item you wish to own, and have it shipped directly to your home. In 2014 the United States are expected to have about $248.7 billion in online sales, and this amount is increasing every year. With all this convenience, it really prevents a day such as the Buy-Nothing day from working. People can buy products now without even realizing it, like buying an app for their phone or downloading a popular song, which takes less then a minute to do.

Secondly a reason the Buy-Nothing day will not work is because of politics. Recent, political races have been determined based on ideas of consumerism; such as foreign trade, buying of oil, and allowing companies to move companies over-seas to hire cheaper labor. Many companies back political candidates that promise to protect their rights. Many companies cast their political vote long before the polls are open by pouring money into the campaign of the candidate they represent.These things are discussed daily in the Senate and definitely would not stop because of "Buy-Nothing" day. With our Representatives,


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