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Is Your Work Environment a Healthy one?

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Thi Nguyen 1807051

HDCS 3300-17654

Is Your Work Environment a Healthy One?

Scoring: 12 “Yes” answers.

As the result of the survey, my work environment is a psychological healthy one. Honestly, I was not surprised by the result. It reminds me of the Job Satisfaction Survey which I got a high score in many different aspects of my job satisfaction. I worked as a waitress in a restaurant which brought me so much valuable skills and interesting experiences. I had a good control and influence on my job because front staff is the representative of our restaurant. The excellent customer service obviously brings more customers and improves the quality of restaurant. My manager gave me a very clear information about my job descriptions and task assignments as well as his expectations. I have access to all the information I need at work. Conflict at work is considered as a common problem; however, I luckily did not experience it during my first job. My co-workers and I got along well with each other and we were willing to help as well as share experiences to improve the service of restaurant. Also, there are adequate policies and procedures for the resolution of conflicts. My work environment is an open and participative one. Overall, I was satisfied with my job; moreover, it brought me a positive energy and a friendly work environment. The survey helps me identify the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy work environment so that I could make a decision to work at a new job. I think no one should survive under a negative energy job and an over-stressed environment because it all affects the quality of work and overall mission of any company.


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