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How Can the Working Environment Motivate the Employees?

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Nowadays, it is easy to find that many worker lack of motivation to work, they just pretend to finish their job perfunctorily and then leave. As employees are the important resources for the companies, it must implement some change to motivate the employees, and also recruit and retain the talent employees. Some people may think that higher payment are the most attractive things to the employees, actually it is not the only thing which can motivate the employees. The working environment is also considered to effectively motivate employees. Apart from it, many companies tend to lower the cost for embellishing the office and just ignore how their employees will be affected by the working environment. However, in the survey done by (Hughes, 2007) reported that 90 percent of the employees supposed that the attitude and the productivity would be affected by quality of work condition.

In this paper, how the working environment can motivate the employees and also the effect on performance and productivity afterwards will be discussed. A positive effect on performance implies that the working environment motivate the employees.

The working environment can be divided into two parts, which is physical working condition and behavioral working environment. The case of the working environment in Google will be the focus point to illustrate how it will influence the motivation of employees and a survey done by (Demet Leblebici, 2012) on the employees from turkey bank will be quoted and analyzed to show how the employees’ feel of the importance of the working environment.

In the first part of the paper, there are explanation of physical working condition and behavioral working environment and introduction of the elements under two components. After that, some theories and survey which are going to prove about the two components’ effect are shown. Next section will be the case study of Google and follow by the result and analysis of the survey done by (Demet Leblebici, 2012). Finally, the suggestion for the company to alter its working environment for motivating the employees will be provided.

A satisfying physical working condition includes several components, for instance, sufficient light intensity, low noise level, high ventilation rate, ergonomic furniture and furnishing, appropriate temperature, proper size of the employees’ own working space etc. All of these surrounding features in working environment would affect the attitudes, behaviors, satisfaction, performance and productivity of the employees. (Larsen, Adams, Deal, Kweon & Tyler, 1998). For the lightening, depression will occur when working in a boring office with the inadequate light and hence employees will lack of motivation and energy to work. Performance will also be affected by the level of noise as noise is a kind of distraction. The study of (Bruce,2008) discovered that the productivity of the employees


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