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Industrial Revoultion

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Culture Reflection

Isaiah Colgan

Southeastern University

Culture Reflection

        Chapter three discussed Culture which is pretty interesting to me, there are many different cultures around the world, each of them are very different and diverse to one and another. Such components that are different than other cultures might be the way they dress, speak and even there values. An example of two different cultures are southeastern university’s and a African tribe, in southeastern you wake up and go to the dining hall to eat as to an African tribe you might have to hunt down a gazelle to have food for lunch breakfast and dinner.

        Four non material components of a culture would be symbols, language, values and the norms (Kendall, D (2011) Sociology in our times). Each culture has a custom to each one of those four component’s and its truly amazing to see that humans are all alike but have different customs to our everyday lives.


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