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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Perceived Brand Quality on Brand Preferences

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The core purpose of this research is to determine the impact of corporate social responsibility and perceived brand quality on brand preferences. Different procedures and methods are used to foster the relationship among these variables. This chapter includes design such as population, sampling technique, data collection procedure and the research items that are used to analyze the data. After the development of hypothesis and consideration of theoretical framework the next step is to decide the research design needed for data gathering and analysis so that the research questions could be answered

3.1         Research design

Research design shows the framework of the data collection and also analyzing of the data. Research design of this study has following measurement as express causal connection among independent variable, mediating variable with dependent variables. Another aspect of research design keep always in your mind is to collect the data an appropriate number of respondents to simplify their findings easily. A variety of research designs mentioned in our literature review as cross sectional or survey based, case study based. Our research based on assembles the views of employees in Nishat Company of Pakistan. Our study is qualitative as well as quantitative, qualitative research is that to measure the descriptive analysis as to describe the age, gender, experience etc and quantitative research in known as inferential or empirical study to find the result by using statistical techniques to find the impact and relationship between csr and brand preferences with the meditating effect of perceived brand quality.

3.2        Research Methodology

3.2.1        Population and sample size :

The employees of Nishat company that is one of the group company  of MANSHA GROUP of Pakistan located in Lahore are considered to be population for this research study.          Lahore is one of  the second largest city of Pakistan on the basis of population. So the population for the study is overall customers in Lahore using the brand name under nishat company . There is fast growth in the establishment and enhancement of branding techniques in Pakistan particularly in Lahore. The customers of nishat group restaurants are target population of the study. As the brand name is fast growing and competing with each other to gain a leading position by providing quality services, price fairness etc. So this sector is chosen for research and to find the customer’s satisfaction with the brand and their intention to continue and loyalty with the  brand name as well.  sample size of 350 customers was chosen for the study. The sample includes customers from the Lahore city. The sample size is chosen according to the rule stated in book of Sekaran and Bougie This research study was conducted in Lahore through distributed questionnaires in NISHAT company. A sample of 350 plus statement was selected in this study. The number of employees  50  that were present at time.  


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