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Whole Foods Market - Corporate Social Responsibility

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Whole Foods Market Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies are fully implemented in their core values, and those values influence the company’s marketing strategies and daily operations. The six core values are “Selling the highest quality of natural and organic products available, Satisfy and entertain their customers, Support the company’s team members happiness and excellence, Create wealth through profits & growth, Invest in communities and the environment, and last create continuous win-win partnerships with suppliers (Whole Foods Market, 2011).

The concept of “selling the highest quality of natural and organic products available to the company” is the marketing point for Whole Foods Market. This value is the first segment of the company’s CSR and its primary focus and action is to provide their customers with the highest quality of natural and organic products. The quality of the products offered by Whole Foods Market is measured by uniformed standards such as freshness, taste, nutritional value, and the appearance of the product. The buyers for the company view themselves as buyers for the customer and not as a selling agent for the manufactures By implementing this first core principle, Whole Foods Market ensures the customers are the primary focus and the products offered by the company are the finest available to customers(Whole Foods Market, 2011).

The value of satisfying and entertaining the customers of Whole Food Markets promotes the company’s outstanding customer service. The company educates its customers about natural and organic food products, and how the farming practices affect the environment. The company’s competitive prices satisfy the customers need to know they are buying high quality products at a reasonable price. Customer are entertained by the amenity of allowing stores to become community meeting place offering the opportunity to meet others with the same appreciation for the products


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