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How to Build a Fire in the Wild

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How to Build a Fire in the Wild

In the dark, there might be need for something like fire to keep us warm. says, “Since the dawn of time human’s interaction with fire has been one of fascination and a necessity to stay warm. Whilst the world in which we live in has dramatically changed since a spark lit the first fire, our love for its warmth has never changed.” This is true. We need warmth, especially in the bush. Be that a it may, lighting a fire out there is not very easy. Now that doesn't mean it is impossible. Read along to learn how it is possible and makable!

In order to build this fire, we first need to make a structure. We will do this by using dry leaves, tree bark, or even blades of grass. Now, let’s walk together towards the first step. We will start by taking some chopped down wood. Then we will move on to making somewhat a platform. This wont take much time or effort. We will lay the wood on the ground and continue the hunt for twigs and leaves.

Once we are done with our hunt, we will return to our initial spot. Here, we will messily place some smaller twigs in between the wood. We can add to that and throw some dry grass over, as well. This will make it look like a pile. Preferably, it should look like a pyramid. Once we are done with this much, we will go back on our search. We will rummage the area for small stones.

Once we find the stones, we come closer to our end result. And that is the most eagerly awaited campfire. By now we are shivering. We totally need the heat to make us feel better. Let us get faster and place some stones around our triangle looking platform. We will take this step to prevent any hazards. The hazards include any potential spreading of the fire.

We have finally reached the end. We have reached the part that we were keenly looking forward to. Now we will get our last tool, a match or a lighter. And this


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