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Fast Food Restaurants Use of Genetically Modified Products, Evidence from the Year of the Flood

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 Genetic modification affects many of the food products people consume on the daily. The Year of the Flood is the second book of Margaret Atwood’s trilogy. In the novel, The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood depicts a fast-food restaurant called “SecretBurgers” because nobody knows exactly what goes in them. Ingreidents can be; cat meat, mice, or even human body parts. Furthermore, in the story the communities higher officials called the CorpSeCorpsMen turn a blind eye to the negligence of serving the proper meat to the consumers of SecretBurgers. Consquently, Margaret Atwood shows a dystopian environment that portrays certain trends from today. In Margaret Atwood’s, The Year of the Flood, the author well-illustrates a society with powerful corporations that put profit over human health, today there are similar issues such as: 1. Fast food restaurants use of genetically modified products.

PLOT SUMMARY:  Margaret Atwood starts off the book with a foreshadowing poem called “The Garden.” It introduces two women, Toby and Ren, who are the two main characters of the story. The narrator shows readers the perspectives of their life after the flood and flashbacks to their life before the flood. Toby lives a tough life where she survives her parents after her dad killed himself because he wasn’t able to pay for his wife’s medication and hospital fees. She is scared of the police so she goes low-key and has to find a job that does not require proper identification. She finds a job at the ‘Secret Burgers’—a restaurant that feeds people secret animals ranging from cats, rats, and humans. One day, a group of God’s Gardner’s come to the restaurant and coincidently save her from her sexually abusive boss. Toby eventually joins God’s Gardner’s and overtime learns an ideal knowledge about survival thanks to them. Ren is trapped in a strip-club called Scales and Tails where she survived


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