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Communism Vs Democracy

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Communism Vs Democracy

Democracy and communism are the two main governing systems ever to be set into motion. Effects of both of these systems can be observed in many countries worldwide. Democracy is the political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives, whereas communism is a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership which means that all means of production such as land and natural resources are owned by the entire community. Of course, more modern forms of these two governances are adopted by the countries that prefer to do so. Although democracy and communism are two opposite governing systems, a certain amount of similarities can still be found.

In fact, even if the similarities between democracy and communism are not very obvious, they do exist. A first important similarity is that they both have no connections between the religion and government. Meaning that they are both secular and in other words called “laic”. There is no single country that is run by communist or democratic regime that is not laic.

Another similarity would be that mostly in both these regimes, the public elects the leaders but there are some exceptions in real life. They both hold elections.

A third similarity between communist system and democratic system would be the that they both provide good public services for the community such as public schools, hospitals, parks and so on.

The last similarity would be that they are both systems that are created to control populations. They both have the same goal. In a democracy the choices are made communally, inferring that the common good is fulfilled. In communism, all work together for the common good.

On the other hand, there are many significant differences between communism and democracy. The most commonly known difference is that communism does not allow individuals to own property in land, where democracy allows the public to own property. In a communist regime all the production and land is owned and shared by the whole population.

Another difference is that in communist regime there is a very high level of income tax and compared to democratic countries this is a very high level of an amount. Basically, one of the main distinctions between a communist and a democratic government are their conflicting economical systems in general. People living in countries where democracy is active they also pay taxes. Depending on the country the tax amounts change. They can get very high like it is in France, but never as high as a communist country.

The next dissimilarity is the abolition of all rights of inheritance.


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