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Changing Image of a Tourism Destination - the Example of Southeast Asia

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Changing Image of a Tourism Destination - The example of Southeast Asia

1. Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents 2

2. Introduction 3

3. Discussion 3

3.1. The Destination's Image 3

3.2. The Outcomes of Sex Tourism 4

3.3. Sustainable Tourism 6

4. Conclusion 6

5. References 7

2. Introduction

Tourism in Southeast Asia started more or less when US soldiers started to travel to Thailand for recreation during the Vietnam War (1964-1976). The great demand for sexual favours increased rapidly. Thus, local women joined the sex business, some by choice, but most were forced due to poverty. Over time, the armed forces left, but from then on many men from Japan, Germany, the US, Australia and numerous other countries utilized the cheap sexual offers, not only in Thailand, but also in other destinations like the Philippines (Leinbach & Ulack, 2000, p. 210). Since the world became smaller due to the industrialisation, it then became easier and cheaper to travel to other countries for business, leisure and sex. Consequently, many men see their chance to let their sexual fantasies come true. Even though prostitution is illegal in most countries, it is one of the most important and profitable sources of revenue with millions of US-Dollars income every year. One, that has horrible consequences for the countries' images and moreover, for the affected women and children.

3. Discussion

3.1. The Destination's Image

Oppermann (1988) explains: "Images of tourism destinations are the sum of ideas and beliefs about a destination." (p. 21) There are many aspects that form such ideas and beliefs. Operators, travel agencies, and the destination itself construct the picture of a perfect holiday. Furthermore, films, news and the narrations of family and friends give information that is included in our perception. Finally, our own experiences play a decisive role in processing all the impressions and creating an own idea. These images evolve over time, and once an image is created, it is very hard to change. Along with cultural, natural and historical highlights, it is very common to give an advertisement and romantic and erotic touch, with smiling couples walking along the beach and women enjoying a sunbath at the pool in bikinis (Oppermann, 1998, pp. 20-21). Considering, that most countries in Southeast Asia can meet these expectations and people love to spend their vacation at such a paradisiac place, it is not surprising


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