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Tourism Kenya

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kenya is a beautiful country. From desert to highlands to the sea.


The holidays having just ended and the year being fresh, many are nursing wounded pockets; others are mourning the loss of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

In countries around the world, major holidays are celebrated at different times throughout the year. In the U.S. and Europe summer is the greatest time for parties and merry making, in Kenya, December presents itself as a major holiday season.

It is a well known fact that in this country, when the holidays are round the corner, people loose all sense of security, awareness and to some extent intelligence. For example, when it rains in our major cities, everything comes to a standstill: phones do not work, roads are blocked, and blackouts occur…etcetera. Just like when in rains, when holidays like December come around, the whole country goes up in chaos.

Figures from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) state that a total of 860 people died from road accidents during the festive season.

"As from the beginning of December 2010 until December 21 2010, the fatalities are at 860 people from 717 fatal crashes," said RTMC spokesman Ashref Ismail in a statement.

At the beginning of December 2010, on the Nairobi – Naivasha highway, residents came out to pray and bless the road so as not to have any more road carnage during the festive season. This clearly did not work.

In Mombasa, infant and child death by drowning is highest during this time. Doctors say that on Christmas day itself they attend to at least ten cases where most of the victims are already dead upon arrival to the emergency room.

Safety and all common sense is thrown out the window and it seems that every part of the human body is taken over by "being on holiday"; and


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