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Breaking Down Facebook

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Breaking Down Facebook

In today's modern age of technology we have become a society that lives online. Everyone who is anyone has a Facebook page. From stores to your next store neighbor everyone is part of the Facebook community. Facebook has become the new meeting place. It evolved from just a site that allowed college students to post a photo and personal info on a close network site to a worldwide phenomena.

Facebook allows you to create a page that displays personal information such as schools attended, jobs held, relationship status. You can photos in albums, videos and text post to be viewed by other members depending on your privacy settings. You can chose to make your page public where all information can be viewed by any one on the site or pick and chose what you would like to be private.

A member can "comment" on post of updates, photos and videos. A "news feed" shows updates on the main page. You can search the site for people you know based on their names, location, or groups. A person can be friend with someone from China and still never have met them in the USA. Facebook friends range from people we hardly know to our close family members. It gives users the ability to communicate and share their lives in a click of a button. Users can post videos, photos, and daily activity reports from many devices. Facebook isn't just on your computer anymore, we have access from cell phones, mobile devices, tablets, and ipads. If you can get an internet connection than you can be on Facebook. Facebook has "Groups" that you may part of based on interest that help to explain your list of friends.

Facebook allows you to be friends with many different categories of people. The first would be " family members." Many people have family all over the country and even the world. The site allows us to have instant access to them 24/7. We can share awards, achievements, engagements, marriages, pregnancies, birth announcements, divorces, and even deaths. Family functions can be planned for special holidays. " Who is bring what to Thanksgiving this year. Repost with what you want to bring," would be an example. Also Facebook allows you to see each others friends which could lead to find long lost relatives. Facebook brings families together, sometime even when they don't want to be.

Another Facebook type of friend is "close friends." These are people you are very familiar with, you share memories, stories, jokes, and many common interest. You spend a lot of them with them in the " real world." Facebook allows you to communicate with these type of friends by sharing photos, videos, stories, and post. With the help of


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