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Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication Card

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Using Beijing Municipal Administration and Communication card (Yikangtong) not only can enjoy a discount of taking bus, but also eliminate troubles of carrying change as a result of paying by this card in some retail stores of food and daily necessities.

There are three ways for Yikatong inquires: Inquiry Terminal, Customer Service Phone and Online Enquiry. Cardholders can check card balance and the latest five transaction data through inquire terminal for free. (Inquire terminal in Beijing Subway Stations); Cardholders can also inquire about twenty transactions data in the latest three months through Customer Service Phone and Online Enquiry for free. If you have special inquires, it is necessary to go to Customer Service Center of Yikatong Company for processing.

Recharging card does not need to queue anymore and using bank cards can recharge Yikangtong. Citizens can use any bank cards to deal with recharging Yikangtong and any other services.

Cardholders should pay 10% of the card balance on current account for service charge when they want to cancel Yikangtong. Cardholders do not need to pay service charge of canceling card when the balance of the card is less than 100 RMB; Canceling the card does not need to pay service fees, due to non-human reason for card damage.

From the feedbacks of the last two assignments, I think when we translating articles should pay attention to the following aspects: Firstly, we should know who are our target audiences and understand their cultural background and language habits. Secondly, we need to understand the background of the article and know about what is the focus of the article. Thirdly, we need to understand what main meanings the author wants to convey to us, not only seeing the surface meaning. In addition, for some proprietary institutions name, we need to surf the internet to find its translation. In this assignment, I encountered similar problems with the last


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