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"why Abortion Is Ok, Rhyme and Reason" by Phillip Brocoum

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I used "Why Abortion is Ok, Rhyme and Reason" By Phillip Brocoum. I disagree with his point of view intensely, because in his paper he said that "my argument isn't solely based on that so much as it is on the idea that some human lives are worth more than other."

At the time limit when abortion is still legal (three months) a baby is small but fully formed and looks just like any other baby of its gender at that age, you cannot say that a baby at that age in a rich family is more important then that in a poor family. You do not know what they are going to be like when they leave the womb.

Look at two of the most famous men in history Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. Both were born to extremely poor families but grew up to rich and famous. So not only is your argument based on opinion and not credible fact it can be easily proved wrong. Abraham and Benjamin are only two of many examples of people who have started off with humble beginnings and grow up to be important to the world around them Dolly Parton is another example so at that young age inside the womb you have no idea what kind of life that human being will make for themselves. Everyone deserves a chance, no ones life is more important then someone elses.

What I'm saying is, that while people say that put a three month limit on abortion and it won't be so bad, it is.

At three months in the womb the baby is very tiny but fully formed, and could be born and grow up to do and be anything. No one knows yet. You can't map out a persons life before they are even born. At that age it doesn’t matter what kind of life you are being born into or what your family is like, it matters that you have that chance that opportunity to make something of your life.

We are not god, we can not decide whose life is more important then someone else's life.



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