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"reason Is the Greatest Enemy Faith Has" - Martin Luther

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"Reason is the Greatest enemy faith has," - Martin Luther.

I believe Religion is only as widely followed as it is, is because that when religions were being created it was at a time when there was not enough science that had been developed so instead of solving the mysteries of mother earth they created higher powers such as God so they could seem as if they know more and brain wash the people into following them because there was not that could contradict what people where saying. If know a days religion was taken away and kids went through school as is and after if we asked them how they thought the earth was formed, my hypothesis is that they would say that the earths' nature was developed over millions of years starting with small bio chemicals and space was just gas and then the big bang occurred and the planets were created. I am agnostic because i think things like Christianity can lead people to having better structure for there lives. what i do not like is that so many people wont even think the basically proven science is true because it contradicts what they were brainwashed to believe as children. People should start to begin and get their heads out of the gutters and accept the truth. Religion is a basically another way of saying "i'm scared of death." and some how there is a "soul" inside of us and if you follow the way of the bible you will live again in heaven, a place with no worries and whatnot, but if you do not live a proper life then your soul will be sent to hell when you will die over and over again by Satan, ruler of all evil and will burn you in great depths of fire. Religion is truly complete crap because if people could get their minds thinking in the now instead of about a book that a bunch of dudes in the sand land wrote then people would realize how much to life there actually is.


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