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What Is the Primary Type of Change Needed-Changing "things" or Changing the ‘people and Culture'?

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People changes attempt to alter the attitudes, behaviors, skills, or performance of employees within an organization. Communication, employee motivation, leadership, and group interaction are some primary focuses of people change. This type of change may help to improve employees' problem-solving skills, the way employees learn new skills, and how employees perceive themselves, their jobs, and the organization. Culture change within an organization aims at changing the behavior patterns of the organization's employees. Examples of culture change include reward-and-recognition programs, employee empowerment, and training. These programs attempt to improve motivation, improve decision-making skills, and increase sensitivity to diversity issues. Things change are the changes of the product, technology and service provided to be ahead of the competitors.

The primary change that is applicable at the moment is changing the people and their culture. The reason as to why changing people and culture is of importance to the company is that, having changed people, all other things will work accordingly. People's culture is of importance in the way the company operates simply because if the culture or people fit in the objectives of the company, then all other things will be in place.

Both ‘things' and ‘people and culture' must be changed in order to save the Wisconsin plant. People are the main target of any given business set. This means that in changing anything that is in respect to the company's operations, people and their culture is the initial thing that should be taken into consideration. Besides, having changed people's perception, competitors have no say simply because you will have drove the attentions of the market to your operations.

Although changing people is the vital thing, changing things is also important and should be considered for quality and workable plans of the organization. The reason


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