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Little Change Will Cause Big Change

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Little Change will make a Big Change

My school is Johnson & Wales University; it has a history of one hundred years. It is a wonderful school. However, because the school is developing so fast, there are some lacks need to improve. Depend on my four-year studying experience; I think the school has to make a little bit change on these aspects: parking issue, the book cost and the sports area.

First, I would like talk about the current parking issue. Because of the increasing student amount, more and more students own cars. And also because of the school’s special location, there are no enough parking lots for our students. Every time, we need spend a lot of time on finding the parking lot. That is one reason why school need to solve the parking problem, another reason is the time limit of the majority parking lots is 2 hours, but our class period is 1 hour and 55 minutes. So this causes many students get the ticket if the class ended on time. So if the school can find an extra parking lot or adjust with the city traffic department to make the parking time longer, that will help students a lot.

Second, I want to talk about the book cost. Book cost is a big expense on my spending list. The most major books I had are worth over 100 dollars. And sometimes the book’s editor is school. So you can’t find it online. Thus, can school publish some electronic editor and help save student’s cost. Because to most of the students, few dollars is a big amount, that is a heavy burden.

Last, I like to talk about the sport area of our school. In our school, we have one gym in the downtown campus and one in the harborside campus, and there is another basketball area in harborside campus. Expect these; we don’t have any specific sport area for our students, such as swimming pool, tennis court and volleyball court. Just because of this, many students lost chances to do some exercise. That is a critical problem


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