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What Are My Core Values as a Person and What I Would Not Do in Order to Become Rich?

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Business Ethics

Assignment 2: What are my core values as a person and what I would not do in order to become rich?

Core values are fundamental beliefs or guiding principles that dictates how life is to be lived.

Core values helps us to ensure that we are making the right choices and our actions are heading in the right path. There are various types of core values, following conscience will dictate us to have positive core values like hardworking, love, and integrity. Not all core values are positive. Traits like greed, impatience and selfishness can be negative core values can dictate a person’s direction in life. A person’s core value can be seen in the way they behave and conduct themselves, even if they don’t express their core values verbally.

An individual’s core values are shaped from early age by their parents. Most of the them children will share the same core values as their parents. As they grow up, they will also develop core values of their own through their experience in life and also conscience that guides them.

As for myself, the first core value that has been instilled in me since young and remains strong in my life until today is love. What is love? Wikipedia defines love as ‘variety of different feeling, states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure’. Love is the force that brings individuals, families, communities and even countries together. For me, love is not only about caring and showing affection to myself, my family, friends, society and other human beings, but it is also about showing equal compassion and care towards animals, environment and the earth.

Love for myself has kept me from doing harm to myself in anyway. It has motivated me to do my best and do continuous improvement in my life. Love is what has pushed me to enrol in MBA to become a better person not only for myself but for my family as well.

Love for my family and their love towards me has keep me grounded and kept me going through tough times. How do I show my love towards family? It is exhibited through care and concern on daily affairs and more so when in trying situations. I made a brave decision to put my career on hold when my children were born in order to be able to spend time caring and raising them. My love towards them dictated my priority and it was one of the best decision that I have made.

My love for the community is reflected in my actions that always take into consideration about effects of my action towards others.

I equally love animals and believe that they too have every right on the planet as human beings. I’m passionate about animals and make an effort to help abandoned or abused animals by donating a little that I can. I also strongly believe that animal parts should not be used to make clothings or accessories. I avoid buying anything made of animal fur, skin and will politely decline any gifts made from these as well.


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