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Tobacco Under Fire: Advertising a Harmful Product

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This is a very tough topic for me to write about because I believe a company should not have restrictions placed on their advertising due to the 1st amendment. On the other hand, the government should help us protect ourselves against anything that is harmful to us and endanger the future of our children. I feel our governments (federal, state and local) are doing a superb job regulating the tobacco industry; at the same time, keep in mind, this industry is one of the biggest revenues for governments.

As it indicates in paragraph 5, tobacco industry generates $50 billion into the economy; twenty-two states grow tobacco. A lot of people depend on the tobacco industry to help them provide for their families. I am not advocating for the tobacco industry, but I think, we need to look at the entire picture. Most states receive more than 15 percent of their revenue from tobacco sales and this industry is a big target every time there is a discussion regarding tax increases. The tobacco industry and the sale of their products are the first to be targeted every time tax increases are needed. Just think about it, in order for states to receive their 15 percent of the revenue from tobacco companies, the companies have to earn money from selling cigarettes. In orders to sell a lot of cigarettes, companies need to advertise their cigarettes. Most states are currently in need of revenue to sustain their state government. I can only image what would happen to state governments if the revenue they received from the tobacco industry decreased. This would result in even more cuts for state governments, would you like to see more cuts to your state government current budget?

I do not smoke. The main reason that I do not smoke is because I do not want to smoke and I know the dangers of being a smoker. I do believe, we do have a responsibility to educate young people about the danger of smoking. After educating young people regarding smoking, I don't think all advertising should be completely banned. Most of the people, who are smokers, know the danger, yet they still continue to make a decision to smoke. I think we should place additional regulations on cigarettes, by placing an age limit on the smoking of cigarettes. Currently it is not illegal of anyone to smoke cigarettes. It is only illegal for kids under the age of 18 to purchase cigarettes. Think about it, if you are under the age of 18, you cannot purchase cigarettes but you can smoke them. What message does this send to kids regarding smoking cigarettes? Also, I think there should be a lot more advertising about the danger of smoking. I feel kids should see pictures of the people who are suffering due to a life time of smoking. These are the people who should be featured in some of the advertisement for this industry. Also the number of people who die every year as a result of a life time of smoking should be included in this industry's advertisement


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