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The Communication Process

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Discussion Question #1:

Which step in the communication process do you consider most important? Why do you think this? Which of these steps is most uncomfortable for you? Why is this? How might you work to change this?

I believe that out of all eight steps in the communication process the one I consider to be most important is the first step (Identify Needs and Purpose) however, I think number eight is just as important (Feedback and Follow Up). Number one allows us to identify what the purpose of the message is, and what it is asking or corresponding to us, this is important because if we do not determine what our message is telling us, or what we are going to send to another person, the message will not be effective or clear to the receiver or the sender.

I believe that number six (Validate Reception & Comprehension) is the one I feel most uncomfortable with, because even though we may believe our message is clear and effective, does not mean the receiver of the message will feel the same way, or understand what you are actually stating.

I believe that if I was to work closely with each step in the communication process carefully, I would be able to ensure that my message was effective, and easy to comprehend. This way no one will become confused about what the message is actually trying to state. Both the receiver and the sender alike need to make sure they write and comprehend the message.


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