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The Coco-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crisis

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“The Coco-Cola Company Struggles

With Ethical Crisis”

Personally, I liked the Coca-Cola website. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2012) I found that the site was easy to maneuver around and full of information. I was able to find their missions, visions, and their values. The one thing I thought may have been missing from this section was the fact they are not focused on gaining the customer base within the United States instead of focusing mainly on international sales. (Mission, Vision & Values, 2006-2012)

The one thing that I did find interesting about this section of their website was two specific sections; “Work Smart” and “Act Like Owners”. The reason I found these two sections interesting was because of the case study that we read in our text book. Many of the items that were listed in our case study would reflect on these two sections. There were many things that The Coca-Cola Company had been accused of and according to those two sections they would try and focus on addressing those issues and fixing them as quickly as possible. The Coca-Cola Company was accused of unethical behavior which included product safety, anti-competitiveness, pollution, health concerns, and many others. (The Coca-Cola Company Struggles with Ethical Crises)

Many people feel as though The Coca-Cola Company has struggled with coming back from the accusations and have not been able to prove that they are no longer having these issues. However according to their website; and their values, they are focused on it. I am not so sure that this is the case. As I did not find anything in their website that listed anything that they have done to overcome any of these hurtles.

Because of all of these things that they Coca-Cola Company has been accused of it plays a large roll on the corporate reputation within the organizational performance and social responsibility. These are all things that people read about and want to know that a company as large as Coca-Cola is doing everything that they can to resolve any of these types of unethical accusations. These are also the things that stakeholders would look at when assessing a company like Coca-Cola and I believe that they are consistent across the board with all stakeholders; and regardless of the company that is being assessed.

If I had just become the CEO at the Coca-Cola Company, the first thing that I would do is address any and all of these types of issues immediately. These are things that the consumer, as well as stakeholders will not forget. The best thing that a CEO can do is to try and resolve any of these issues and get them in the public eye immediately, showing proof that you are doing the best that you can do. This could possibly help


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