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Tesco Stores Market Mix

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1. Introduction and nature of business

Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the best example to be used for this assignment involving marketing activities and how they use marketing mix elements in their strategy.

Tesco is quite diversified in term of their product and services, enabling a one-stop shopping experience for their customers.

By taking into consideration of local customer's need, competitor's performance and voice of their employees, Tesco management identified the core values and elements in their marketing strategy.

To influence and attract customers toward their products and services, Tesco has adopted a strategy where they place customer's interest as focus, thus their slogan - “Every Little Helps”.

By promoting their slogan, Tesco draws customers toward their product and services with reasonable and affordable price. Strategically, Tesco has placed their outlet at almost all states and cities around Malaysia.

Now, lets look at how Tesco uses marketing mix elements to influence and attract their customers.

2. Analysis of product

Products offered by Tesco varied from poultry products to processed canned products, from kitchen hardware to living hall and garden accessories.

Each products is arranged and displayed into a segmented line, making it easy for customers to pick and choose their desired products. The creative part on this approach is customers are exposed to new products while they select their desired ones.

Since products are not confined within tangible products, the intangible product has also been listed as top priority by Tesco Management. Tesco Extra is one of the concept where they have combination of Tesco and Makro business,


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