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Telsys International: A Marriage of Two Cultures (case of Negotiation Simulation)

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Telsys International: A marriage of two cultures (Case of negotiation simulation)

1. Would he be able to maintain control over his "baby"?

James R. Chesney considered Telsys as "his baby". I reckon that he would be able to maintain control over his baby as all technological and manufacturing operations will be conducted by Telsys and ITC will only serve as holding company. The investors of VCG were also more interested in liquidity of their investments rather than taking full control over telesys.

2. Was VCG truly interested in a long term relationship or short term gains? (After all, as a financial investment firm, VCG was very concerned about the liquidity of their investments.)

I reckon that VCG was interested in a long term relationship as they invested the capital required by Telesys, their investors were interested in liquidity of their investment and also agreed upon opening subsidiary of Telesys in Kuala Lumpur. Moreover, VCG was thinking about the future of Telesys in serving the demanding market. Hence, they were looking for a long term relationship.

3. Was VCG interested in sustaining his business in the United States, or transplanting it back to Malaysia?

VCG wanted to sustain business in United States but also have subsidiary in Malaysia. He wanted young engineers from Malaysia to learn from American through internship projects so that it will help in building indigenous capabilities in the communication field.

4. Finally, what did he really know about his potential partners who came from an entirely different culture from his own?

Finally, he realized that cultural differences plays a very important role in negotiation and it is very important to learn about the cultural differences to have a good negotiation process. He came to


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