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Events as a Framework for Tourist Destination Branding – Case Studies of Two Cultural Events in Croatia

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Events have become an increasingly signi cant component of des na on branding. Many des na- ons throughout the world have developed events por olios as a s a gic ini a ve to a act tourists and to reinforce their brand. In this paper, the focus of research will be on tourist des na on brand- ing by means of events.

e rela onship between events and des na on branding is examined through six phases of the pro- cess of building a des na on brand iden with the use of events. When it comes to des na on branding, a need for an analysis of s a gic documents of des na on development imposes because event tourism s a gies help des na ons plan how to use events in a tourism role.

e purpose of this study is to examine which factors are of the top priori es when using events as a marke ng approach. e method of case study will be used, by which two cultural events which ke place in the Republic of Croa a will be analyzed, namely, “Špancirfest” in Varaždin and “Trka na prs nac” in Barban. Varaždin and Barban are on di erent levels in their branding work. e di erent sizes and loca ons of the des na ons naturally a ect the opera ng procedures.

is ar cle may be of in rest to des na on marke rs and event organizers, especially in developing des na ons which in nd to di eren a themselves om the compe ve market.

Key words: tourist des na on, events, des na on branding, Varaždin, Barban Introduction

In tourist des na on o er there are an increased number of special events whose crea on and staging is condi oned by s ategic reasons of an, above all, economic nature (Getz, 2007). However, the role of events in a des na on tourist o er is also signi cant due to their tour- ist, social and cultural func ons (Getz, 2008), as well as their role in local and regional devel- opment (Wood, 2005; O ́Sullivan, Pickernell & Senyard, 2009). By events, local culture, a- di on and customs are assessed (Hong, 2010), par cipants’ entertainment and recrea on

* M.Econ., Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, Tourism Department, K. Huguesa 8, 52440 Poreč, Croatia, T. 00385 52 408 326, F. 00385 52 431 659;;;


Events as a Framework for Tourist Destination Branding – Case Studies of Two Cultural Events in Croatia

are ensured, as well as social cohesion and cultural and social progress (Fredline & Faulkner, 2000; Derre , 2000), which represents social and cultural event func ons. Tourist event func ons are manifested through broadening of the tourist des na on market (Priporas, 2005), extension of tourist stays at a des na on and facilita on of be er promo on of a des- na on (Richards & Wilson, 2002; McDonnell & Gebhardt, 2002), a ac on of


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