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Succession Plan

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Succession Plan

Succession planning will help Patton-Fuller prepare for retirement of key positions in the company as well as any emergency illnesses that may come about. A quality training and development program will ensure that potential employees for the succession plan will perform their job duties. Succession planning will allow Patton-Fuller to have continued leadership in key positions. A brief outline of the training and development programs to cross-train for key positions are:

• Special Assignments and Projects

o Gives employees a chance to work outside their job duties to gain knowledge and skills valuable for promotion and job title change opportunities.

• Leadership Opportunities

o Gives employees a chance to step into a leadership role in regard to implementing new system programs or training and development of incoming employees.

• Mentorship Training

o Allows executives to let subordinates shadow them to learn the roles and responsibilities of their job.

• Collaboration

o Process of an open forum for employees to give input that will help the company grow as well as the employee.

Once the training and development program is implemented, an assessment is in order. Patton-Fuller plans to assess the ease of the implementation of the training and development. The given aforementioned outline of different programs for cross-training key employees will have educational involvement to get to that point. To ease the implementation process for the training and development program, Patton-Fuller will offer the use of webinars, seminars, virtual training, and continuing education classes. The assessment will involve feedback from employees,


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