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Succession Planning in Organizations

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Succession Planning in Organizations

Shirley Andoh


February 24th ,2019


The objective of this paper is to present some of the importance of succession planning in organizations-specifically for a manufacturing company, Trans Tech Bus. The need for succession planning is on the rise in most industries to ensure organizational sustainability. Research shows that the absence of succession planning can undermine an organization’s effectiveness and its sustainability. Without a succession planning process, an organization may not have a means of ensuring that the programs and services that are crucial to its operations are sustained beyond the tenure of the individual currently responsible for them. Effective succession planning is all about ensuring leadership or key positions continuity. Succession planning process does not happen in a day, it is a project that needs to be well organized. This paper will discuss, description of the process, evaluating candidates and desired outcome. The process should begin with a well -informed evaluation of the knowledge and skills required to successfully employ individuals for a position. Additionally, accurate assessments and evaluations of the employee’s knowledge and skills must be conducted. Lastly all employees must have some set goals and be encouraged to consider their personal career and development goals.


Overview of the Organization

     The organization for the succession planning project is Trans Tech Bus. The company was established in 2007 with its headquarters located in a 70,000 -square -foot facility in Warwick, New York.  Trans Tech manufactures industry-leading Type-A school and commercial buses. The company offers the industry’s only narrow-body dual wheel along with a full line of single and dual wheel models. Trans Tech is known for its innovative and fuel-efficient conversion designs and meets ever-changing customer demand. What makes the company unique is its versa track seating system ranging from 9 to 30 passengers (a seating specifically designed to be adjustable to meet individual needs. It is mounted to a Jazzy power base to provide maximum maneuverability). Trans Tech is bringing green solutions to the market with aerodynamic designs and all-electric eseries.

     Just with most mid-size companies there are different departments responsible for various tasks. There are 71 employees in total with seventeen departments which comprises of Accounting, Human Resources, customer service, purchasing, sales and engineering. On the plant   there are mainly floor assembly, welding, paint, fabrication, and sewing. Under each department are supervisors who all report to a Production Manager and Floor Operations manager. These departments on the plant are of great significance to the company and needs maximum attention. Unfortunately, those are the areas that turnover is not that great and recruiting for general labor is always a challenge. Based on interviews conducted, department supervisors and production manager shared concerns about how much they would like to help individuals aspiring to be cross-trained to learn other skills. Production Manager would rather retain specific individuals than loose them to other automobile manufacturing companies. Based on the interview and feedback I have concluded that a succession plan is vital to the growth of Trans Tech Bus.


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