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Why Is Strategic Planning Important to the Organization? How Does Strategic Planning Help the Organization?

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Why is strategic planning important to the organization? How does strategic planning help the organization?

At times boards and employees do not realize the importance of strategic planning. Furthermore, at times management does not even believe investing in the strategic plan is worth the cost. Once they realize the benefits of planning, they will understand it is in their best interest to invest time and money to do so. Some of the benefits of strategic planning include:

• Bring clarity and agreement on mission and vision

An organization cannot operate effectively if management and employees are clear on the mission and vision of the organization. Strategic planning helps to clarify both mission and vision by proving board members, employees and volunteer’s time to exchange ideas, and point of view. Once lines of communication are open it provides room to understand everyone’s view, and come to an agreement and work as a team for those goals (Board Source, 2012).

• Help organizations prepare for the future

If an organization is not aware of the future where it’s headed to they can and will end up where they do not want to be. A strategic plan provides a guideline of steps to follow, to reach the wanted future for the organization. Having a road map to guide the path of the company provides peace of mind and security to everyone involved in the organization. Planning helps give priority to the work, while allowing making short-term decisions, while considering the long-term effect of these decisions (Board Source, 2012).

• Help organizations anticipate and manage change

When an organization takes the time to plan, it permits itself to foresee possible changes and prepare for those changes. Some of these changes can include


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