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Service Request Paper and Presentation

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Service Request Paper and Presentation

Existing systems

Finance and Accounting

Riordan Manufacturing finance and accounting department currently in each of the organization facilities uses different systems to process, store, develop, compute, and organize information and data. At the headquarters in San Jose Riordan has a fully integrated Windows based ERP (enterprise resource planning) manufacturing distribution and financial management software application specifically designed for plastics processor and processes and assembly manufactures. Whereas the Michigan facility operates using a VMS (virtual memory system) operating system that is ran on a pair of DEC (digital equipment corporation) Alpha’s and uses VAX 4000 (virtual address eXtension) workstations that are programmed in C. to further complicate the software and hardware problems within the Riordan Michigan facility the vendor who developed the Michigan software is no longer in business. The Georgia facility also operates on an entirely different system. The Georgia facility uses a UNIX operating system with PC’s as workstations that is operating on Windows. The F & A department have been unable to achieve anything remotely resembling seamless compatibility due to the various systems in place at their different locations.

Finance and Accounting existing and needed subsystems

• General Ledger -a general ledger is a primary accounting record used by a business to keep track of all the financial transactions the company makes.

• Accounts Payable - Money which a company owes to vendors for products and services purchased on credit. This item appears on the company's balance sheet as a current liability, since the expectation is that the liability will be fulfilled in less than a year. When accounts


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