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Research Paper on Apple

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Apple, Case Analysis

MBA 5101, Unit 8


I.         INTRODUCTION / GENERAL OVERVIEW……….                                3

II.         SYSNOPSIS / TIMELINE APPLE PRODUCTS……….                        4

III.        EXTERNAL ENVIROMENT……….                                                6

IV.        APPLE STRATEGY / OBJECTIVES / GOALS……….                        7

V.        FINANCIAL ANALYSIS W/TABLE……….                                        9

VI.        FUTURE EVALUATION……….                                                9

VII.        COMPETITORS EFFORTS……….                                                11


IX.        REFERENCES……….                                                        13

I will present in this case analysis that Apple is and has been since its conception, a company of proactive innovators that are willing to market and gamble on what the consumers want while being keyed in to what they need and successfully anticipating the future needs of this industry.  Further, that they have a clear strategy tactic of being market pioneers.  They have a history demonstrating the ability to recognize a need and develop an idea successfully benchmarking their own internal progresses that utilizes a combined effort of their production, experienced failures, and an appreciation of applied industry R&D that locks their position firmly as first on the scene regarding proprietary personal computing needs.  Their success needs no testament as the company’s name is synonymous with first movers of the personal computing industry.  This researcher will take the point of view, as if presenting a case study for strategic recommendations for an imaginary company and competitor in the same industry as Apple.

A general briefing of Apple is that the company is the industry standard and that innovation and ability to launch first is the guiding strategy vice industry experience.  The Apple Company started in the mid 1970’s with Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak.   The company began out of founders Steve Jobs family home in Los Altos California with a goal of creating the first micro-computer for home and personal use. (Time, 2015, p. 1)  The drive and determination that exploded from this compilation of industry explorers set the very foundation for building the world’s first effective home computer system, and by extension a craze for home use computers that pre-empted the craze we all use of, hand held devises and personal home computers that has developed to a level that all manufactures seek to compare to.  As the first movers (Wheelen, et al, p. 248) in this broad industry they defined a want, developed a new industry, and acquired a fan following that has proven infectiously loyal for 45 years.  Further, their customer loyalty has progressed into a type of fanatic mentality that accepts no substitutes and continues to support a near cult like following yearly regardless of offered devises limitations on adaptability or extensive cost for ownership.  A following that accepts no substitute offered. (Wheelen et al, 2015, p. 107)


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