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Problem Solution: Global Communications

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

In reading the various simulations and identifying concepts that would enhance business for Global Communications there is a necessity to make a proposal to ensure some positive and effective change. In a market that is continually changing and with the attempt stay abreast of the trends and innovation, the telecommunications industry is one that stands out. Global Communications is looking to change the state of innovation in the products and services offered, as well conquer the economic pressures of remaining competitive and branching out globally. This problem solution will present areas of opportunity and challenges that Global Communications faces, along with the ethical dilemmas that the stakeholders present. As Global Communications looks to re-invent themselves within the telecommunications market, we will review the current state of the company, and propose a plan of where Global Communications will seek to be for the future.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

As Global Communications is approaching an aggressive plan of action to redeem themselves of the economic pressure plaguing the telecommunications industry, the issues and areas of opportunity presented afford senior leadership the opportunity to set forth a potential resolve to turn this business around. The outlining issues start with the fact at one time Global Communications was once a dominate business leader, unfortunately over the past three years the business profitability and competitiveness has diminished. While other companies have increased the level of services to remain attractive to the consumer base, Global Communications has remained stagnant. Below are some identified areas of opportunity that need to be considered within the decision making process.

I will review the following issues that face Global Communications. First, the issue of outdated technology that Global Communications needs to updated in order to regain competitiveness. Doing this Global Communications has decided to partnering with a few satellite providers that will assist them becoming up to speed on . The opportunity lies in becoming more competitive within telecommunications market, by adding new products and services and gaining, providing revenue and job growth. This concept provides a "combination of ideas into new, creative solutions (Bateman & Snell, 2003, p.71), which is a Custom Made Solution.

Secondly, eliminating jobs locally due to outsourcing and branching out globally/internationally will leave some unemployed. This is a set-back for the current employees within Global Communications, for the business the cost of inbound calls will be cut, and cost efficient, with growth in remote areas Global


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