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Problem Solution: Interclean, Inc.

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Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

In the Interclean Inc scenario, the company is a major player in the industrial cleaning and the sanitation industry. The InterClean, Inc. is competing to fulfill the emerging need of providing solutions and services as well as products catered to the stringent environmental safety requirements. This paper will identify alternatives that could be followed by InterClean to achieve the company’s end state goal. The Human Resources Management could follow these alternatives for making its employees motivated and productive while working towards a successful merger. By making the employees happy, they will make the customers happy and show continues support for the growth of the company. This would make Interclean to attain their sales goal by increasing the profit of the company by 40% in the following year.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The CEO of the Interclean has come out with the new service model to meet the customer needs and the currently changing environment. This service model will provide an opportunity for the employees and the company to gain valuable skills over the next several years. Interclean merged with Environ Tech, which could have a restructuring in the existing departments. Since there will be an organizational change in the company, the HRM department should communicate with the employees. They should be explained about the need for the change, which will motivate the employees to get committed for the change and support the change process.

The CEO has made the decision in implementing the new model and merging successfully with the Environtech within 90-180 days. By contacting the Human Resources Management (HRM), they would provide a strategic plan which would help the Interclean to successfully merge with the Environtech and implement the new service model within the limited deadline. The employees of the Interclean do not have the skill and knowledge for implementing the new service model. So the HRM should consider in providing training programs to meet the requirements of the new service model, this will provide an opportunity for the employees to believe in life long learning in the organization. As June has explained the best solution is found only when the right problem is identified, Interclean must identify both its problems and opportunities to get the best solution to become a successful in merging with Environtech and implementing the new service model.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The CEO believed that implementing the new service model and merging with the Environtech could be done within 90 -180 days deadline. He should consider the consequences and risk factors involved in those decisions. The HRM is the core responsible in providing training and development


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