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Pavis Ventures Limited Company

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QUESTION 1: Describe the organization in your point of view?


Pavis Ventures Limited Company is an international consultancy company with business interest in International Student recruitment and placement, capacity building, vocational education, entrepreneurship & financial services, skill acquisition and corporate training. Pavis Ventures have been in existence since 1999, providing business excellence to individuals and corporate bodies' worldwide. Pavis Ventures Limited has its operational offices in Malaysia and Nigeria. Pavis Ventures Limited business activities are embodied with four different companies:

 Pavis Ventures ( M) Sdn Bhd

 Pavis Ventures Nigeria Ltd

 Pavis Ventures Educational Systems Ltd

 DOVE – CES Industrial Nigeria Ltd

Pavis Ventures (M) Sdn Bhd is currently situated in Cheras Kuala Lumpur, offering valuable services in areas such as international student recruitment, offering corporate training, skill acquisition Program and project management. It also offer short courses, seminars and tour packages.

Pavis Ventures Nigeria Ltd is located in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria, offering educational consultancy and student's placement, tour packages and medical consumable such as gloves, syringes, medical disposable, catheters.

Pavis Ventures Educational Systems Ltd is located in Nigeria where vocational training is provided. The main skills offered are industrial and technical skills, language and communication skills and IT and multimedia skills.

DOVE- CES Industrial Nigeria Ltd is located in Nigeria; the main purpose of the company is for marketing and sales of unique educational training system which are more into technological trainers such as electronics, computer repairs, automobile etc. Pavis Ventures Limited Company has successfully placed students from several part of the world such as African countries, (especially Nigeria) into different universities around the South East Asia region mainly Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, European countries such as UK and Hungary and North America such as Canada and USA. Pavis Ventures have been successful


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