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Mobike Limited Company Case Study

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1. Background Information

Mobike limited company is an Internet technology company with Internet software and intelligent hardware. Company innovates on the basis of O2O business model, which is combined with intelligent hardware to figure out actual transportation problems. Mobike is the product of the mobike limited company. Users do not need to go to the fixed place to handle card. Mobike product costs only a few minutes with the whole process of download, registration, unlock and payment. When users return the bike, only put them at the side of the road in the white line, manual shut, no fixed bike pile. Mobike provides the bike sharing service with an acceptable price, one RMB per half an hour. And the company wishes that it is conventient for people to        a short trip in city. At the same time, it helps to reduce traffic jam and environmental pollution.

Mobike faces with the challenge that the biggest competitor ofo announces they will enter into the public markets. At the same time of bring convenience for people, there are also some problems occuring. Some users park illegally, putting the bike in their own residential district or office building. It has a negative impact on efficiency and users’ experience. At the same time, it brings troubles to the government. Some users vandalize the bike, and graffiti on the QR code. For the product itself, users give the feedback that the bike is heavy, and it is hard to ride. It does not have a basket. In addition, position is not precisely.

  1. Research Objectives

Mobike(sharing bike), which is parking illegally blocks the municipal traffic. It is a serious problem that is badly in need of solving. The phenomenon occurs, due to the following reasons: (1) No fixed bike pile is the wisest innovation, but is the orginal of troubles. People can place everywhere to return back the bike. (2) Some users’ qualification is bad. They put the bike in the place only known by themselves. Some users even lock the bike for own using. Some users are workers in a hurry.  


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