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Kriege Construction Company Case Study

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Case 1: Kriege Construction Company

Kriege Construction Company (KCC) builds office and retail buildings in a two-province area in Western Canada. KCC is considering automating its procedures for preparing bids for building job in response to customer requests for building proposals. The management of KCC has had little first-hand experience with computer systems. They use no computer system currently, except for some IBM microcomputers that run word processing programs for the company secretaries. As a result, they contacted an information systems consulting firms that is partly owned by a friend of Mr. Kriege, the founder of KCC. The consulting firm, Reade & Owens, dispatched Tom Kaline, a systems analyst, to KCC. After spending some time talking with the management of KCC, examining the forms and procedures used in preparing bids, and learning the algorithms used in computing costs and charges, Kaline developed a list of specific application requirements that were needed for the bidding system. He suggested further that his consulting firm would develop a bid proposal system using Insite. A database management system that his firm has used often for such purposes. Insite runs on Macintosh microcomputer systems. Kaline and said both the Macintosh and Insite are very easy to learn to use, and should be just right for managers who have had a little experience with computer systems. He felt that his firm could develop the information system in about two months and would like to get started right away on it.


• The management of Kriege Construction Company has a little experience regarding on computer systems.

• The system of KCC has having a problem on procedures for preparing bids for building.

• KCC contacted the Reade & Owens, an Information consulting firm, wherein Mr. Tom Kaline, a system analyst is the part owner.

• The kaline suggested the Insite, a database management system for their operation.


I therefore conclude that the KCC has a problem regarding on their system that affect the way they serve their client.


Kriege Construction Company must get agree to the proposal given by Tom Kaline so that they could have a good service to their client. It would be easy for them to give the details regarding on bidding proposal to their clients.

Case 2: Burger King Corporation

Fast food restaurants get approximately one-half of their sales from drive-through customers. Customers use the drive through because it is quick and they do not have to get out of the car. Yet, this important area has changed


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