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Organizational Assessment

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Government Assessment

The government of the United States is a federal government which is the national government of the constitutional republic of fifty states that is the United States of America. The federal government is comprised of three distinct branches that is the legislative, the executive and the Judiciary. These branches and their power are delineated in the constitution of the United States. The powers are specified in greater detail in the laws that are enacted by the congress. The seat of government of the United States of America is in Washington D.C which is not located within any state. This government is based on the principle of federalism in which power is shared between the federal government and the state governments.


INTRENAL Strengths Weaknesses

The size of the company relative to others in the industry Deteriorating balance sheet

Balance Sheet strength Poor perception of company’s brand(s) and/or products

Cash flows Advantages other companies have?

Perception of the company’s products Lack of management or other employee talent

Perception of the company’s brand(s) In general, what does the company do poorly?

What advantages the company has over its competitors

In general, what does the company do well?

EXTERNAL Opportunities Threats

New technologies the company could adopt Internal obstacles the company is facing.

Internal efficiencies Cash flow problems.

New markets for products New technologies that threaten to displace the company’s products.

Strategic investments Technological advances in the industry (if the company isn’t keeping pace).

Changes in regulatory / tax burdens The relative position of the company’s largest competitors.

Financial or legal trouble for competitors Financial constraints on the company.

Customer/Stake Holder Identification Worksheet

Identification of Customer And Stakeholders

Internal customers Customer expectation Prioritization

Employees Manage closely Medium

Management Keep informed Medium



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