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Organisational Theory - What Is Strategy?

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What is strategy?

Strategy according to Chandler is "the adoption of courses of acton and the allocation of resources necessary to achieve the organisation's goals".

Differences between strategy and tactics


- strategetig decisions establish general purpose and direction of the enterprise and the methods by which they will be achieved.


- tactical decisions are day-to-day decisions associated with implementing plans and operating the enterprise.

Differences between strategy and goal


- strategy refers to both means and ends: where we wish to be in some point of time and how we wish to get there.


- goals refer to ends: what we wish to achieve by a certain point in time.

(Not all goals have strategic implications)

Two approaches: Planning mode and evolutionary mode.

Planning mode

Planning mode views strategy as a plan or explicit set of guidelines developed in advance. Managers identify where they want to go and develop a systematic and structured plan to get there.

Evolutionary mode

The evolutuionary mode does not necessarily view strategy as a well-thought-out and systematic plan. Rather, it views strategy as a stream of significant decisions evolving over time.

Levels of strategie

Many organisations are in diverse lines of business, most of which are only vaguely


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