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Argos - Organisational Issues That Influence the Development and Implementation of Hrm Strategy

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Argos being a multi channel retailer noted for its level of value, convenience and choice which sells out general merchandise and products for the home in United Kingdom. Argos is rapid developing and successful organization which is admired for its profitability with a top three share of the market in all the significant markets. To attain the strategic position company has to ensure that its technology and innovation to incessantly drive the confines of catalogue retailing. Argos, has a broader demand which attracts the customers of all income range and ages groups by rendering a wide range of affordable and reliable products and services which suits and satisfy the customer’s need. Argos stays close to market, customers and its competitors; the prospect to rapidly exploit new business opportunities, products and services is gladly available.

Organizational Issues that affects development and implementation of HRM strategy

Argos organizational structure is kind of hybrid structure. A display of this is the harmonization between the bordering stores. The organizational structure aligns with the company’s task environment and strategy, the significant slump in the share prices of Argos products states that there is underlying problem, which suggests that there is poor balance between the horizontal linkages and vertical communications. The Advertising campaigns of Argos have showed the little effect on the sales, where in this results in financial input lack to their marketing department. Stores poor appearances and the insolent staff depress the customers loyalty development and there by creates the negative feedback gradually reduces the counts of the potential customers (jobber, 2008).

Though Argos has efficient distribution system, the customer still faces problem in delivering the products and this mainly because of the poor staff training (kotler, 2009).


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