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National Finance Congress

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Zamora, Juliene Faye P.                                                                            July 16, 2019


Reflection Paper: National Finance Congress

        Expanding Boundaries: Fostering Ideas and Cultivating Financial Progression, is the theme of the event of National Finance Congress that talks about different topics related to finance industry.  Finance is essential and has been an integral part of business for numerous years until to the present. It is not only crucial to the business operations but also useful to us individuals as it teaches one how to allocate funds efficiently and effectively.

        Throughout listening to the speakers of the said event, one speaker talks about FinTech Philippines Association which is a non-profit association representing and promoting the Philippines as a global leader in FinTech innovation. I have learned the use of their different sectors and most of their members are useful for me as well as the others such as dragon pay and tag cash for payments, SGV and KPMG for consulting and Sunlife, Manulife and AXA for insurance. He also mentioned how to value currency by using goods and services available for purchase at present and for expected growth in the future. JM Lapina, a Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Investagrams Inc, discussed about behavioral finance. He talked about the psychological states that heavily affects individual’s investing decision. First is greed which means excessive desire for money and wealth. Most of the time, it is also known as too good to be true schemes. Second is fear or a distressing emotion that is caused by a feeling of impending danger. He said that when regards to investing, it does not matter if the threat is real or imagined. Third is hope or a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Lastly, people tend to focus on just one aspect of an information in order to decrease its complexity. What I learned from him is that everything that occurs in the market is always a possibility. All things considered, National Finance Congress is a helpful event not only for businesses but also individuals to prepare themselves better to face the challenges brought about by ever changing industries of today. This event not only caters to finance or business majors, but it is also for anyone who is interested and passionate about business.


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