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Motorola Marketing Paper

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 A rich operating system with innovative mobile applications.

Droid R2D2 system is very easy to handle and supports various software.

 Having navigate through onscreen device menus with a simple touch of the finger or stylus and an elegant alternative to the traditional keypad and keyboard.

The table of DROID R2D2 is very pretty and has a sensitive touching reaction. An elegant alternative to the traditional keypad and keyboard is very convenient for me to use both Chinese input and English input. Because putting into Chinese should use keypad to put pinyin and then transform into Chinese characters. But keyboard is very convenient to English input.

 Slider and Virtual Keyboard.

I can change 2 ways to change the input style.

 Wi-Fi

Very convenient to connect with the internet where is covered by the Wi-Fi, and it's very fast to open the websites.

 Put the phone in pocket. With Skype mobile get unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls and IM with anyone, anywhere in the world.

This is my favorite feature. Because the I can give international calling by Skype to my family that is at China. So I can call my mom whenever and wherever I am.

 Mobile Hotspot allows to share compatible Smarthphone's 3G connection with up to five wi-fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, camera, PDA's, portable gaming systems and more.

The DROID R2D2 by MOTOROLA MOBILE PHONE is like a mini laptop for me. It makes my life much more enriched. I can use it to connect with internet wherever and whenever I am, chat with friends online, listen to the music, take pictures, read novels and lecture


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