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Marketing Plan for Coca-Cola in Myanmar

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Module : MKT3017 Principles of Marketing Management 2014-2015

Marketing plan for Coca-cola in Myanmar

Student name : MYAT THIN ZAR

Stuent ID : 15418752

Executive Summary

This report is to plan an effective marketing for coca-cola in Myanmar. First of all, analyzing on the country’s macro and micro environment is carried out to find out about the country’s current politics, economics, technologies and social and then the current market review to get the general idea of the beverage market. Moreover the study of the competitor’s and consumer’s on the beverage is carried out to understand about relationship between the customers, beverage companies itself and suppliers.

Second of all, the study of the coca-cola in Myanmar is done to research about the internal analysis of the company. SWOT analysis is then carried out depending on those research found by using those analysis. From then on, objectives were listed down in order to overcome those changes that were needed to be done. The most suitable marketing strategies were then chosen continued by the markeing mix going details on how it will be changed. Last step is to come up with the implementation plan to carried out the final decision and choice made to do for the marketing.


Coca-Cola has entered to Myanmar market after more than 60 years. Company plans to invest $200 million dollars for a five year investment. “Their focus is to increase production capacity, grow logistics including sales and distribution operations, and improve marketing and people capabilities.” (TCC.CS,2015). On the other hand, the company is helping in Myanmar’s economic and social by hiring, dealing and distributing and manufacturing through the local people. Hence, company has created over 22,000 job opportunities over the next five years. Moreover, company granted $3 million in order to support women’s economic empowerment. “Company aims to reach more than 100,00 outlets across the country through increased production and distribution capacity, including a second plant in Hlaing Thar Yar” (TCC.CS, 2015)

Table of Contents

  1. External environment        ------------------------------------------------------------    4
  1. Macro environment        ------------------------------------------------------------    4        
  • PEST analysis         ------------------------------------------------------------  4-5
  • Market overview -----------------------------------------------------------    5
  1. Micro environment         ------------------------------------------------------------    5        
  • Customer                 ------------------------------------------------------------ 5-6
  • Competitors      ------------------------------------------------------------ 6-7
  1. Internal environment       ------------------------------------------------------------    7
  • Product            ------------------------------------------------------------    7        
  • Price                        ------------------------------------------------------------    7        
  • Place                ------------------------------------------------------------    7        
  • Promotion        ------------------------------------------------------------ 7-8        
  1. SWOT analysis                ------------------------------------------------------------    8        
  • Strengths                ------------------------------------------------------------    8        
  • Weakness        ------------------------------------------------------------    8        
  • Opportunities    ------------------------------------------------------------    8        
  • Threats                ------------------------------------------------------------    8
  1. Objectives                        ------------------------------------------------------------   9
  2. Strategy                        ------------------------------------------------------------   9
  • Product Development        -----------------------------------------------------   9
  1. Marketing Mix                    ------------------------------------------------------------    10
  • Product                ------------------------------------------------------------    10
  • Price                ------------------------------------------------------------    10
  • Place                ------------------------------------------------------------    10
  • Promotion        ------------------------------------------------------------    10
  1. Market Implementation           -----------------------------------------------------------10-11
  • Schedule                -----------------------------------------------------------10-11
  • Marketing budgets  --------------------------------------------------------    11
  • Marketing controls ---------------------------------------------------------   11
  1. Conclusion            --------------------------------------------------------------------   12
  2. References                ------------------------------------------------------------------12-14        

1.0 External environment

  1. Macro environment


With an election coming up, Burma also known as Myanmar is getting agitated since the laws, regulations and policies will be changing in the future with the new government taking over. Aside from those new changes, the laws and policies have been kept changing without an early notice, moreover, not much implementation has been made about it. Burma was being ruled by the military and will be continue to rule even after the election. Therefore, military will be having the power in ruling the country and have the authority for the land. The censors and letting in the foreign company to come in to the country to do business has been opened. Lots of bribery and the under table money type of business are still being used. Coca-cola find it quite hard to adapt and meet with those constant changes in law and regulation and plus the company wouldn’t know when their land will be taken away by the military. Coca-cola will be facing more competitiors as the new beverage companies from foreign country will be coming in.


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