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Manager's Workshop

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Buff is a team member who has considerably suitable traits to be a sales person. He has a very strong character with self-esteem, he is well-rounded and energetic. He can use his talents to motivate and convince people. He has a successful background and sophisticated interests. But, none of these amazing qualifications seem to make him reach the required sales and organizational target.

At the beginning, we have directly informed him about the possibility of a disciplinary action, since, we have warned him a couple of times without receiving an improved result at the end. Following this, he promised levelled objectives. However, the shady phonecalls and unchanged conditions were very dissappointing. So we accompanied him during his sales calls. This revealed that he has adequate knowledge and good communication with his clients. But also, we have learned that he was doing real estate deals with his clients. When we decided to ask him about this information, he got very defensive and twisted the matter as if he was being iniquitously accused. This was a turning point for us. We decided to first ask our superior, since this was a major violation of the company policy. She also confirmed that without evidence nothing can be done and reminded that she was very dissatisfied with Buff's work. This led us to make a discreet investigation to receive such evidence. Following this, we again confronted him expecting him do admit his being dishonest. However, after we confronted him, it turned out to be even worse and he resigned eventually. After this, we took a step back and decided to first ask him about his opinions rather than giving any clue about evidence. He got defensive but after he saw the evidence he had to admit what he was doing, also, explaining that he was earning more than his current salary from Omega. Then, we gave him a choice to either resign or make a new plan to quit his real estate job. He offered an unexceptable plan which dured 6 months, still letting him continuing his real estate business. His explanation proved that he was lack of job commitment, he thought of enlarging his other business and the pay check, security and socializing opportunities were his only interests in Omega. After informing about our resolution of replacing him but making him benefit from the company offers for 6 months, he offered to also inform the customers about this situation fairly, so that the negative impact would be better absorbed.

The major problem with Buff was that, he was unable to reach the direction we thought he had devoted himself, even if he apparently had a great power and intensity. Following our discovery that he was dealing with another type of business rather than his Omega job, it has become obvious that he had oriented himself the wrong/different direction even if he had a very clear and specific target in Omega. This might have been due to his physiological needs, mostly monetary, not being satisfied


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