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Lion Air, Tiger Air and Air Asia Case

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2.2. Weaknesses

However, Tiger airway has some weaknesses which effects significantly Tiger airways brand image. The first weakness is that the flights of this airway are delayed without being informed for customer. The second noticeable problem is that the customers don't have many choices for their leave, because the quantity flight is very limited. Moreover, the price the customers pay not including luggage. This airways only allows maximum 15kg baggage per passenger. If the customers want to bring along heavy luggage, they must pay much more fee. Beside that, the aircraft interiors are uncomfortable and untidy, and some terminals are small and unclean for baggage policy.

2.3. Opportunities

Nowadays, the demand of traveling is more and more increasing. In price storm, the emergence of low cost airlines has made many major brands in the world to follow and accept their view is not small rival his. Today's flight network operators are gradually covered worldwide. And no one can deny the fact that a number of low cost airlines in Southeast Asia has made startling world of density "coverage" of her in the international arena.

Lion Air, Tiger Air and Air Asia is regarded as the third power of the low-fare segment Southeast Asia, emerging after the economic recession. The accession to the WTO will facilitates foreign airlines to participate more and more.

2.4. Threats

Sources increasingly scarce fuel, aviation businesses are now faced with the increasing prices of fuel, materials, cheap airlines who bear probably the most, when combined with other transportation costs, cheap materials, the company would be enough to offset the increasing costs that? Besides that, there are many competitors, cheap airlines that Tiger Airways has to compete such as JetStar, AirASian, LionAir….

3. External Analysis (General


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