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Air Asia

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Air Asia using randomized pricing strategy and this strategy to increase

the market demand and profit maximize

- With a randomized pricing strategy, a firm varies its price from

hour to hour or day to day basic, consequently. When a firm

randomly changes the prices of their goods, consumer cannot learn

from experience which firm charges the lowest price in the market

Technology Innovation

AirAsia can learn from MAS's iFly services

Offers a remote check-in service in more languages

Replace the self-service check-in kiosks with PCs

and printers

Business Expansion

Venture into the cargo business

Emphasize more on customers from Japan and


Improve its influence in the European market

Brand Awareness

Using corporate social responsibility

Introducing flights powered by bio-fuel

Advertise more in other countries

AirAsia is a leading low fare airline in the Asia.

Has expanded rapidly since 2001.

The products of AirAsia have entered into growth period

in the lifecycle.

More customers are familiar with this brand.



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