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Air Asia E-Commerce

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This website was listed on top 5 e-commerce website in Malaysia. It was in a first ranking followed by owned by Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) then, ( next, owned by Blooming Florist Sdn. Bhd. And last e-commerce website is .my by Dommal Food Services Sdn. Bhd. We can see that these entire e-commerce website are from different type of industry including financing, trading, fast-food and transportation. I decide to comment on top of the ranking which is This is e-commerce website for company Air Asia that operating on transportation service in Malaysia and now it become main choice for public. The popularity of this company among Malaysian leads to the successful in their e-commerce website. According to Airasia’s trademark “Now everyone can fly” showing that this company offer affordable price for their service. Therefore, on 2007, Air Asia was introduced new service which is Air Asia X. This service focusing on the low-cost with low price and it is offering X-citing low fares, X-emplary safety and care, X-traordinary in flight and service experience to all passengers. The destination of Air Asia X is Ausrtalia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Middle-East and Europe. This is value added for Air Asia to beat other long-distance flight like Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

In this website homepage, there are many segments in the left-side including booking, my flight, flight info, hotels & tours, travel info, AirAsia courier, credit cards and so on. Some of this segment is linked to other website. For instance, for segment hotel & tours, main homepage will link that segment into other website which is This website is a special website that provide package for the passenger. This practice gives convenient to EC website user in term of saving time. Although there are many segment in the homepage, the


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