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Learning Team Reflection

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Learning Team Reflection

As a manager, this is crucial to understand how to manage diversity now and in the future. According to Robbins and Judge (2011), Workforce diversity acknowledges a workforce of women and men; many racial and ethnic groups; individuals with a variety of physical or psychological abilities; and people who differ in age and sexual orientation. Managing this diversity is a global concern. (p. 17). There are different areas in which a manager would want to look at to be strategic in managing diversity. Having a well working diverse group will help with productivity and creates a great work environment. With a team that is made up of different experiences, thoughts, and backgrounds helps with creativity and ultimately meeting goals set forth by the company. There is always a downside to anything, and with diversity there is always the chance of people clashing due to the difference. If the manager focuses on how they hire, education, policies, and long term strategies, the manager will be successful in managing the diversity in their group.

When hiring new people into the group, managers want to makes sure they use the Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines. This is a place for the manager to start and ensure and foster a diverse pull of candidates. When interviewing, the manager will want to base if the person can do the job based on past work experiences and qualifications. Hiring a diverse group will be a huge part into reaching company goals.

Educating your group on diversity is key to make sure employees do not clash. Although sometimes it will be more of an agree to disagree mindset, as long as individuals can work with one another is all that is needed. Managers could work with their HR department to set up classroom style meeting in which diversity is discussed. Having the open forum will help people feel like their ideas are valued and that will begin the understanding and acceptance


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