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Learning Team C Reflection – Principles and Strategies

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Learning Team C Reflection – Principles and Strategies

Sonya Harriest, Wanda Lawson, Tania Malveaux and Tanya Miller

HRM 531 – Human Capital Management

April 30, 2015

Professor Melanie Toliver

Learning Team Refection – Principles and Strategies

Team C discussion in this paper’s will be about the strategies and principals of a Landside Limousines Service (a small business), Clapton Commercial Construction Company (a medium business) and The Bollman Hotel (a large business). We will discuss how the business complies with federal and state laws. It is important that each company conform to the policies of each state even if it is expanding to a new state or country. In our reflection, we will contribute in helping these clients, an owner of a small proprietor launching a limousine company, a Human Resource Executive of a medium business to expand to another state, and a hotels chain, Human resources representative of a large business preparing to enter into the international market. A job analysis is defined as “the process used to break a job into its component duty or functional areas and the task statements associated with those duty areas” (Hartley, 2010).

Small Business – Landslide Limousines

A limousine service, Landslide Limousines, plan to create a business in Austin, Texas. This newly forming company fits under the definition of small business according to the Small Business Administration (SBA, 2013). Landslide wants to provide first-rate transportation to the city of Austin, Texas and its surrounding area. The owner Bradley Stonefield is planning to employ 25 individuals for his newly forming company. Landslide should also consider the Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967 which requires employees to avoid employment discrimination against anyone 40 or older when he starts his hiring of new employees. The act put into force employer’s refusal of hiring the elderly. As owner, Mr. Stonefield will have to think about environmental protection laws, commercial licensing, and occupational safety laws and in compliance to any state and federal laws of the Sexual Harassment Act in the Work Place.

Mr. Stonefield should be aware of other issues such as operating cost due to supply and demand, the promote of service and sales, and liability factors. Professional or personal broadcasting or advertising of his business has to be statewide, international or to local clients. To develop a marketing feature exclusively to reach the needed market to make contact with the required consumer would be valuable


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