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Mgt 311 Week 4 Team Reflection

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Week Four Reflection Summary



Team D Week Four Summary

Week four focused on organizational structure, culture, power, and politics. Each person was tasked to discuss a current article that related to the weekly course topics or any topic of interest that pertained to organizational behavior. The three learning objectives for week four were: Analyze the influence of organizational structure on behavior, the influence of organizational culture on behavior and the influence of power and politics on behavior. The knowledge acquired in week four continued to build on the knowledge gained in weeks one, two, and three. Team D’s is completely prepared to apply all the knowledge gained in the previous weeks to the final team project.

Power helps to get things done in a group and an organization. Increasing others’ dependence on the managers will maximize the management group power. An effective manager accepts the political nature of organizations. Managers assess behavior in a political framework to better predict the actions of others and use that information to formulate political strategies that will gain advantages for the unit. The influence of power and politics on behavior can have a significant influence on organizational behavior. Every company has this behavior typically but in some instance it could cause some employees to feel left out or under appreciated. We all notice it in our workplaces, but not to the level that it is causing problems or influencing in a negative way.

A good organization structure allows efficient communication, encourages teams and groups within the company to work together, establishes a hierarchy of responsibility and allows the company to grow in a controlled


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