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Launch of Bond-A-Matic 2000

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Launch of Bond-A-Matic 2000

• First of all giving calls to the technical persons in the company, to make them knowledgeable about the benefits of Bond-A-Matic.

(Only 15% of them had received calls regarding instant adhesives).

• To sell it mainly through IPG-SIB; also through IPG-GIB :

i. The systems had already built a reputation for high quality equipment. So they could leverage upon that to launch a new product.

ii. Since in SIB it was directly sold to end users ( Large OEM's), as mentioned in exhibit 10 that Loctite would receive 157.5$ instead of 140$, therefore a benefit of 17.5$ for every product.

iii. GIB sold to industrial distributors who resold to medium & small OEM's and MRO market, thus, GIB would be helpful in expanding in new industries (as per exhibit 1).

• Sales people must be trained to leverage the SUPER BONDER adhesives brand name for initial launch of the Bond-A-Matic.

• After a base is made Bond-A-Matic should be advertised as a separate product category, since it should not cannibalize the sales of Super Bonder.

• IPG sales force's technical competence to be used, in order to promote the adhesive among mechanical engineers and to move them from the mechanical locks category.

• Distribution network must be expanded to new industries, as from exhibit 1, it could be seen the share of the adhesive in all the industry sectors was quite fragmented.

• As done from our calculation a minimum sale of 10000 will give us profit in all the components, so we can use and leverage our distribution network to sale the products in the industrial markets.

• Since it is a new brand


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